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English - 1

  Mount Everest is … mountain in the word.

 the higher;
  the highest.


 Many people go to Egypt … .

  in order see pyramids;
  to see pyramids;
 so to see pyramids;

 She wants to be a doctor … .

 when she will leave school;
 when she leaves school;
when she is leaving school;

 Ann is interested … foreign languages.


  I know Nora Norman. I … her at a party a couple of weeks ago.   

 have met;
 was met.

 You have never been to Spain, … ?

  isn't it;
 haven't you;
 have you.

 The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf … in the British Museum.

 is kept.

I don't know … .

 where is the phone-book;
 the phone-book where is;
 where the phone-book is;

The four great deserts of central Australia … 2000000 square kilometers.  


 When I arrived, my sister … .

 had dinner;
  was having dinner;
 is heaving dinner.


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