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English - 1

З трьох запропонованих варіантів виберіть один, який ближче за значенням до даного прикладу.

Fewer people came to the concert than we had expected. 

Too many people came to the concert; 
There were not enough people to start the concert;
We had expected more people to come to the concert;


 Anna is quitting her job for good.

Anna is taking a sick-leave from her job because of her health;
Anna is not going to return to her job;
Anna is right to quit her job;

 I should have painted the door yesterday, but I was very tired.

 I painted the door yesterday, because I had to;
 I tried to paint the door, but I had to;
 I couldn't paint the door yesterday because I was very tired;

 We're planning on spending the holiday in the country as long as the weather stays fine.

  If the weather is fine, we intend to spend the holiday at home;  
 If the weather holds out, we'll spend the holiday in the country;
 If the weather were better, we would spend the holiday in the country;

   The teacher asked the students to hand in their test-papers.

 The teacher gave the students a test;
 The teacher gave the students a hand with the test;
 The teacher asked the students to turn in their test-paper;

 I usually get up at 8.15, but this morning I overslept.

  This morning I woke up after 8.15;
 My alarm clock did not work this morning;
 This morning woke up at 8.15, but usually wake up earliest;

 It's been five years since I saw my grandmother.

 I saw my grandmother more than five years ago;
 My grandmother arrived five years ago;
 I haven't seen my grandmother for five years;

Through Alex hasn't been to school for two months, he's sure he'll pass the exeam.

 Alex studies every day, but he is not doing well at school;
 Alex is so lazy that he rarely passes exams;
 Alex hasn't studied for a while, but he thinks he'll pass the exam;

  It's a quarter past two. They have an hour and a half to get to the station.  

 They have to be at the station at 2.45;
 They have to be at the station at 3.45;
  They have to be at the station at 4.00;

 I hardly knew the people I was going to meet.

 The people were total strangers;
  I knew the people only slightly;
 I knew the people very well;


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